Market Commentary: Good to Great

President Trump Has Promised to “Make America Great Again” – but Can the Economy Make the Transition From Good to Great?

Louis P. Abel, CFA, CAIA
Chief Investment Officer, Chair of the Investment Committee
First Foundation Advisors

“We have a great economic plan. We will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world.”
– Donald J. Trump’s election victory speech

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Keep Your Information Safe This Tax Season

Protecting your personal information and helping you stay safe from cyber fraud is an important part of what we do at First Foundation. We have a team of resources dedicated to keeping you protected and providing education, especially when scams are at their peak. While there is no “down season” for the fraudsters and scammers, the tax-filing season consistently ranks as one of the top times of the year for the bad guys to do their work.

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Market Commentary: A Tortoise on Steroids

President-Elect Trump’s Policy Agenda Triggers “Animal Spirits” But Brings Plenty of Risks Too

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The Sun Still Came Up This Morning

Louis P. Abel, CFA, CAIA
Chief Investment Officer, First Foundation Advisors - Member, Investment Committee

Our early take on the surprising presidential election result, the impact on the financial markets, and the implications for your investment portfolio.

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The Eye of the Hurricane

Louis P. Abel, CFA, CAIA
Chief Investment Officer, First Foundation Advisors – Member, Investment Committee

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Everything Seems Different, but Little Has Changed

What a year this has been, and it is only half over.  The sentiment is that the first six months of the year produced events that have reshaped the economy, yet when we look at the markets – especially here in the U.S. – the data suggests not much has changed. Despite that, it was not the straightest of paths to arrive where we are today...

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A Tale of Two Halves: Markets Swoon, Then Recover

It was a tale of two halves in the first quarter of the year for global financial markets. Stock markets plunged early on, falling 10% to 15% or more...

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Tips for This Tax Season – Cyber Security Edition

Tax season is well underway, which for many of us means it is time to gather key financial documents and work with our wealth advisors

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Planning Challenges with Real Estate

For many wealth creators, the largest asset class in their net worth, or at least a very important part, is their real estate. The real estate can take many forms. Real estate used in, the family business

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Succession Planning for Lawyers

Attorneys are familiar with the popular statistics on the succession of family businesses. The data reveals that only 30% successfully transfer to the next generation and only 1 out of 8... 

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I Just Graduated from College

Congratulations. Earning your undergraduate degree may be a stepping stone or the final hurdle, but either way it is a worthy accomplishment.After the excitement wears off...

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Life After the Sale

It is the entrepreneur’s dream. You’ve spent years building your business, and the date has come when you are thinking of selling it. The price may be too great to ignore...

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Succession Planning for Accountants

Accountants are often considered the trusted advisor to business owners. Yet, when it comes to their own practices, we often find they have not paid enough attention to critical issues...

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Managing Shared Assets

Successful financial families enjoy the economic and emotional benefit of accumulated wealth. Much of this wealth will be or has already been transferred from the wealth creator to...

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The Legacy Family

Financially successful families, like most everyone else, hope that each of today’s members of the family and all those generations to follow will be successful, healthy, and content...

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