CNBC – 7 ways to save money in college

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Between tests and essays, the last thing college students (and their parents) want to stress over is money.

Yet there are some easy ways to cut your costs. Here's what you can do to save. Read More

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2017 Midyear Outlook

The magazine of Read More

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OC Banks’ Q2 Mostly Positive

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Four of the five biggest banks based in Orange County reported last week that profits improved in the second quarter... Read More

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Long-dated Treasury yields see weekly climb

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Long-dated Treasury yields rose for the week as recovering commodity prices, particularly for oil, and some stronger-than-expected economic data raised growth and inflation expectations. 

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Renewed Chinese appetite for Treasurys might not keep a lid on yields

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The bond bears have plenty of problems to contend with, including tepid inflation data, an economy that may be in the last innings of the business cycle, and low global interest rates, to name a few. 

This week, traders appeared to add one more to that list—renewed Chinese purchases of Treasurys... Read More

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Bond traders overlook wage inflation at their peril, chart shows

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Bond traders are ignoring the buds of inflation.

Many investors have argued that the absence of more robust wage growth and higher consumer prices will keep a lid on yields, but a closer look at the data show the Treasury market could be blindsided by a pick-up in wages and thus inflation... Read More

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Advisers bracing for Fed's unprecedented bond sale

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Nine years after the start of a quantitative easing program that left the Federal Reserve with a record $4.5 trillion balance sheet, market watchers are now speculating how the Fed's plans to start selling those bonds will hit the financial markets.

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First Foundation Appoints VP, Credit Manager of Equipment Finance

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First Foundation hired Larry Scarpone as vice president and credit manager of the bank’s equipment finance department.

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Treasury yields rebound after raft of bullish economic data

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Treasury yields recovered Thursday after a stronger-than-expected reading on private-sector jobs growth that came a day ahead of the more closely-watched non-farm payrolls numbers... Read More

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First Foundation Buys Bank, Seeks More Deals

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FINANCE: Uses soaring shares for acquisition

Irvine-based First Foundation Inc... Read More

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First Foundation Buys Bank

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Irvine-based First Foundation Inc. said it purchased Community 1st Bancorp for $50.4 million in stock to increase its presence in the Sacramento region. 

Community 1st Bancorp is the parent company of Community 1st Bank, which has $373 million in total assets and offices in Auburn, Sacramento and Roseville. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter... Read More

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M&A at midyear: Lackluster volume but attention-getting prices

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Deposits are becoming a more important aspect of bank M&A.

Funding costs were largely overlooked for years while the Federal Reserve kept interest rates artificially low and banks drowned in deposits. Many institutions remain flush with liquidity as consumers and businesses are reluctant to make big withdrawals... Read More

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First Foundation's CTO Adrian Darmawan Talks Enterprise Technology Solutions

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Are Advisers Steering Wealthy Clients Away From 529 Plans?

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High-net-worth and ultrahigh-net-worth advisers are overlooking a valuable savings tool for their clients, one investment research firm says. 

Only 16% of wealthy investors have opened 529 plans for their children’s college expenses, according to a study by investment research firm Spectrem Group... Read More

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$60,000 Grant Will Benefit Ocean Education in Newport Beach

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A $60,000 grant from Irvine-based First Foundation Inc. will be given to the Discovery Science Foundation to help fund the Discovery Cube's Ocean Quest in Newport Beach for ocean-science education... Read More

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